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Liya Alekseeva
Esdras & Rosa Cabrera
Dominican Republic
Iván Rodríguez
Texas, US
Dr. Jase & Dr. Jinsun Khyeam
Massachusetts, US
Dave & Gabriela Daughtrey
California, US
Dr. Eduard Hutabarat & Katharina Sihombing
Ángel Molina & Ivelisse López
Puerto Rico, US
Ileana & Hugo Johnson
California, US
Àngels Muñoz Estapé
Esthela Carpio Rodas & Galo Celi
Bak Mi Ae & Eom Kwang Bok
South Korea
Lilly Sánchez
Florida, US
Grace Chun
South Korea
Sadik Din & Hasnimah
Sheri Din
Barbara Meurer
Florida, US