Foundation 4Life Services Puerto Rican School 1/31/2018
<em>Foundation 4Life</em><sup>&trade;</sup>  Services Puerto Rican School
Salt Lake City, Utah (January 31, 2018) As part of its ongoing recovery efforts in Puerto Rico, Foundation 4Life partnered with 4Life distributors for a day of service and giving at Escuela Heraclio H. Rivera, a school in Toa Alta, Puerto Rico.

The team of distributors provided clothing, food, water, and first aid supplies to the school for more than 100 families in the area. Escuela Heraclio H. Rivera Director Ruth Rosa: “I want to thank you with all my heart. We are all struggling so these donations have really helped our community.”

Staff members have kept the school running for 200 children throughout the aftermath of Hurricane Maria. Most still do not have electricity in their homes, and almost 75% of the homes lack both electricity and water.

Gold International Diamond Jeanny Serra: “So many communities still lack basic services. The 4Life staff members have done the impossible at this school by maintaining services for these children. We saw so much gratitude in their faces that we know we will be back to serve them again. I want to thank all of the volunteers who gave their best to make this beautiful work possible. We will continue to create a legacy of service with Foundation 4Life.”

4Life independent distributors have been building their networks on the island since 2000. This effort represents the latest Foundation 4Life initative to relieve the suffering of communities struggling to rebuild.

4Life has offices in 24 markets to serve a global network of independent distributors and their customers. Foundation 4Life builds a legacy of service by fostering long-term, sustainable partnerships with families and communities around the world.

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